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Full Version: Corrupt-a-wish
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Granted, but the computer only does single digit equations, and overheats every few seconds.

I wish for the sun to blow up.
Granted, but you burn for eternity in the solar flames.
I wish that I never had to pay for any subscription ever again (phone bill, Xbox Live, Netflix).
Granted, but that's because none of them exist anymore, and you die of boredom.

I wish for a giant flaming meatball to crash into the earth and make humans extinct.
Granted, but the flaming meatball never makes it to the earth.
I wish that gas prices weren't outta this world.
Granted. They're in it.

I wish for a Gastronaut.
Granted. you have one now.
I wish for a cookie that never goes away.
Granted, but it tastes so horrible you never want to see a cookie again. But this one never goes away.

I wish for a giant kazoo, just for the fun of it.
i wish for a better life :P
Granted, but your new life is only marginally better (like, you earn a few dimes more than before, making a only slightly better) :P

I wish I was better at producing music.
Granted, but everyone starts liking country music instead of what you make.

I wish I had a klondike bar.
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