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Full Version: Corrupt-a-wish
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Granted, they find a way to one-and-a-half-post.

I wish I knew a good way to implement 32-bit multiplication with no 64-bit registers.

Wait, I do now. O___o

I wish I knew what to code next, then.

I wish people weren't asswobs.
Granted, but then their old habits would come back and you're screwed.

I wish I owned the Internet and had all-power over it.
Granted, but you suddenly realize its a dream because: NOBODY CAN OWN INTERNET. :P

I wish I had a bag of cookies.
Granted, but the cookies fall onto the floor and an elephant falls on them.

I wish I had a VPS with cPanel 12 Beta.
Granted, but you sink into poverty.

I wish mghq would be around more :'(
:*( Sadness.

Granted, but he comes back $500 into debt and you lose NiftyHost. Lol.

I wish that........... I had global IRC powers XD
Granted, but you accidentally kick valentin and get us booted off the server :o

I wish people absorbed information.
Offtopic: I already do smarty....

Granted, but everyone becomes as smart as me and we are slowly taking over the world.

I wish 1 + 1 != 2

*: != means: is not the same as.
Granted, but nobody would think that made sense and would abandon you :(

I wish I was staff here...
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