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Full Version: Corrupt-a-wish
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Granted,but nobody will wish that except you!
I wish this free webspace can be free forever.
It already is free, smart one XD

I wish that people wouldn't ignore the obvious.
Granted, but you dont understand the obvious. (Which is proven in your own post because you never granted 903´s wish.

I wish people were my personal toys and the world is my sandbox.
Granted, but me, being your personal toy, grows into a giant, turns on you, and eats you.

I wish people wouldn't use their cell phones all the time in theatres.
Granted, but now everyone uses their laptop in theatres.

I wish my mmorpg is finished.
Granted, but now I hacked and destroyed your mmorpg.

I wish that people on call of duty would die.
Granted, but somehow they would get revived immediately after.

I wish this thread would end.
I just closed it, but I reopened it.
I wish I wouldn't forget to add a wish.
Granted, I reminded you.
I wish taco bell would bring back the chicken flatbread
Granted, but you become vegetarian after you saw the awe-full quality they give you at taco bell.
I wish people would all have common sense.
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