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Full Version: Corrupt-a-wish
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(we can always move to a different server :p)

Granted, but the noodles are actually composed of small prickly bacteria which go inside your throat. Yuo die.

I wish SOMEBODY whose name starts with HIDDEN and ends with KNOWLEDGE was in the IRC.
Wish granted, but my internet connection sucks.

I wish my internet connection doesn't suck.
Granted, but you get so addicted to the Internet that you download like five thousand movies and you get arrested by the Dutch police (the Dutch police!) and you go to jail for 9999 years.

I wish I had some cake.
Wish granted but the cakes have a strange taste and when you step on the plane to the netherlanths you get arrested by the dutch police for transporting drugs (it was inside the cake :) ) and you need to share a jail with me.

I wish I could have some noodles.
I wish someone gave me a free server without limits so I could help niftyhost hosting.
Granted, but you try to use more then 5GB space or more then 1TB bandwidth and you get terminated because there's no such thing as unlimited.

I wish people, when logged in to MSN, would actually be on MSN.
Granted, but because the Microsoft servers never knew that many people could be online at the same time, microsoft says there is a bug and disconnects everyone. Now you need to download a update that will make sure not too much people will be online at the same moment by destroying and invalidating your windows installation if you do.

I wish you guys would actually check posts reported by me instantly and give me some chicken flavoured noodles. (/me is a noodle addict)
Granted, but I take away a gold star because you can just delete them yourself. Also, don't have any noodles atm.

I wish that THT was more modular.
Granted, but then everybody looses their memories for an hour because of it.

I wish that Zack had a Billion dollars.
Granted but it's from your bank account.

I wish my letter to zack arrives now.
Granted, but it's wet and the euros fall apart in my hands.

I wish the server move wasn't so stressful.
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