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Full Version: Corrupt-a-wish
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Granted, but after the non-stressful server move is finished we need to move again, but this time it's 300 times as stressful.

I want a pair of socks.
Granted, but the socks are pink, red, blue and have spikes inside them.
Granted, but I shove a steak knife in your eye, crush your pelvis with my knee, and throw you in a trash compactor for not posting a wish.

I wish that people understood obvious facts.
Ouch! And sorry bout that :( Anyways, my pelvis appears to be made of titanium. So goodbye knee.

I wish that I was a mod.
Granted but you are instantly demoted for not reading zack's wish or not responding to it. :/

My wish: I wish my opera widget for my twitter feed (about niftyhost) would be finished and my internet wouldn't have failed tonight.
Aw, that sucks.

Granted, but then your Internet usage would skyrocket and then you'd be banned by your ISP for too much Internet.

I wish I had my new domain sooner.
Granted, but then your site gets DDoSed. Fail.
Mike you didnt wish for something..

i wish i was human!
Granted, but you develop complex emotions that you realize you cannot handle because of the years you spent trapped inside that shiny titanium box. You explode and die.

I wish J2ME and dumbphone OSs were more documentated.
Granted, but the documentation costs €99999999.- (Excluding btw)

I wish I was an moderator on niftyhost.
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