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Full Version: Corrupt-a-wish
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Granted but common sense isn't common.
I wish people would learn how to drive
Granted, but their vision of 'how to drive' is the same as mine while playing Grand Theft Auto. (Tank with nitro FTW :P)
I wish for a wish. (Yes, I can't think of one atm.)
(01-07-2011, 04:58 PM)Yoruichi Shihouin Wrote: [ -> ]I wish for a wish. (Yes, I can't think of one atm.)

Granted, but it turns out to have been stolen, and you get arrested by the Genie police and imprisoned for the next 2000 years.

I wish Internet Explorer would die.
Granted, but Mozilla gets drunk with power as the new Lords of Browsing and the browser quality dives.
You forgot to wish. You are rejected by the gods of wishing, and get placed in the Greek version of Hell.

I wish for a private jet. That I never use, and keep nowhere near anywhere I ever go.
Granted, but you forgot to wish for a landing strip and it rusts in your front yard for all eternity.
I wish for a new dedicated server.
Granted, but it comes pre-broken. And is missing all the cables and software.

I wish for a butterfly in the seventeenth century to change it's mind and flap it's wing.
Granted, but it results in your birth never occuring and a mind boggling paradox being created.
I wish that our advertisers would pay a little more.
Granted, but it causes them to all go broke so they can't pay you anything ever again.

I wish your advertisers paid me a little more. :P
(: Granted, but NiftyHost goes broke. Broke-r.
I wish for a new computer.
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