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Full Version: Some FREE DOMAIN websites[LEGAL]
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These are some 100% Legal and Free Websites that provide free 3rd level domains.

1.CO.NR - A very cool free domain name website, but the problem is that you can only set a redirect, not any record like DNS...
2.CZ.CC - Another free domain website that provide very useful free domains with own DNS, URL FORWARDING or ZONE RECORDS.
3.CO.CC - 99% Same with CZ.CC
4..TK - This is really the best one; free, long lasting, supports everything, free DNS and other record service, URL FORWARDING etc...

I Hope this post will help, and I'm Sure it will, cuz I use them myself and they are very attractive products except CO.NR that is other than these three others. Peace :thumbsup:
A new one is And lets not forget, where you can get,,, and hundreds more. looks really cool
I checked out .TK, It really is good, it supports everything!
I'd like free domain names on have the most free subdomain.
FreeDNS is amazing.
@Lance: I don't like the aesthetics of the domain.
the best still
be careful with. tk there is some issue with that domain
they forced to take my friend PR 3 domain
I hope this does not happen to you
About .tk, I think that if we only use the free features, we only get 25 hits of unique visitor. CMIIW..:)
I recommend
It has many cool subdomains. Up to now, I already have 3 subdomains and I'm pleased to use them..:D
Yeah, I've never had a problem with .tk. I used to use them for years a while ago.
Ugh, anything but and annoys me. Get those or buy a domain.
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