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Aefer auto-installer
08-15-2011, 03:11 PM,
RE: Aefer auto-installer
(08-15-2011, 10:52 AM)MyDigitalpoint Wrote: Independently that you are replying to an old thread, like pspman said, this is perhaps one of the few services/installers you can trust in.

It does certainly is endorsed by a reputable company; Softaculous, which is the best alternative to Fantastico auto-installer and it's offered by many hosting services through Cpanel and other control panels.

In fact many hosting offer the opportunity to choose from different installers all available at a time, in example my actual free hosting provider granted me access to Fantastico, Softaculous and Quick Install.

But the thing is, you gotta remember, those auto installers don't install those great security features to prevent hackers from gaining access. And when you use one of those auto installer websites, how are we supposed to know if they store our information or not? We don't! They could easily be sitting on 1000 cPanel accounts that they want to go into whenever they want, and just delete stuff.

The reason I don't trust these is because a few months ago, I decided to use it to install a phpBB forum. Well, that was a terrible choice. Within weeks, the forum was brought down by a hacker, who gained access to my forum via a security leak due to the fact I used the auto installer. I reported the security breach to phpBB, and they stated it all looked fine when installing from their installers. They are not secure, what so ever.
s t i c k s a n d s t o n e s m a y b r e a k m y b o n e s ,
s o w h y w o u l d n a m e s h u r t m e ?

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