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Full Version: Aefer auto-installer
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Well I found this site on a forum.

1 - Sign up on their forum
2 - Login to your panel
3 - Add your website
4 - Add an FTP Account
5 - Install!

It contains about 150+ scripts
You can trust it, because its owned, and run by Softaculous!
It has all things Fantastico does, and more!
Hm, looks awesome. I'll check it out later :)
It looks very nice!, hows the performance? lol
It installs pretty fast actually, and has about all scripts Fantastico has!
That's awesome, maybe they should install it on the server, since its free... and you don't get 30,000 different uploads of it, hypothetically speaking.
That's quite a nice service :) - although it would definitely be neat if this could be integrated into cPanel somehow, as I don't like to have any more logon accounts, than absolutely necessary.
Yeah, but I guess you'd wanna do it to save time installing ;)

* ThePro points to
@ThePro, we already have softaulous this is something a little different, with some more features, chilax dude.
uhmm well you know what i was wondering if there is something like thiss thanks a bunch
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