Poll: What happens when you die?
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We succumb into the nothingness of the universe
5 19.23%
I become wormfood
3 11.54%
I become part of something greater
0 0%
I ascend into the next dimension
0 0%
We go to heaven
6 23.08%
We got the hell
0 0%
I'll be reborn
4 15.38%
Something else (Please post)
8 30.77%
Total 26 vote(s) 100%
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What do you think happens after death?
11-30-2011, 02:00 PM,
RE: What do you think happens after death?
I believe we shall end up in the timeless world-to-come, whether it first be to the washing machine of hell, or directly to the Garden of Eden is up to us, how we choose to live our lives: follow G-d's commands, be it the 613 or the 7. Afterwards, there is a chance for a revival for a time, depending on various unknown factors, following which we shall return to the Garden.

This is as gathered from the various Jewish books and Rabbis of history.

I am especially glad heaven is timeless, as the concept of eternal life scares me. I would hate eternal boredom.

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