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Full Version: Firefox VS. Google Chrome
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Which do you guys think is better?
Google Chrome
I still can't decide, thanks ;)
Well, both have their cons and pros.
Personally, I'm more into Opera, but if I had to choose, I would just use both. Chrome for everyday browsing, and Firefox for development. Chrome is extremely fast (Webkit is IMO faster than the Gecko Engine), whilst the Gecko Engine is much more flexible regarding software development (plugins & add-ons).

So, pick one....or pick both ;)
I would choose Firefox, since I've used it since Firefox 2 was out.
Same, I'm using the Beta now, and it has some good changes!
It really depends on what you do with it mostly.
@pspman, I am too, and I like the new look, took me a while to figure it out but it's legit. :D
Yeah, that's true, I like the feedback button.
But firefox uses more usage than chrome :(
Chrome uses multiple tasks so it doesn't crash cause of a tab, while firefox uses one.
I average 100k+ kb per firefox browser =( lol
Yeah, but for me it's 60.
But firefox still powns :D
Howd you get it down to 60???
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