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Full Version: What do you think happens after death?
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I believe we shall end up in the timeless world-to-come, whether it first be to the washing machine of hell, or directly to the Garden of Eden is up to us, how we choose to live our lives: follow G-d's commands, be it the 613 or the 7. Afterwards, there is a chance for a revival for a time, depending on various unknown factors, following which we shall return to the Garden.

This is as gathered from the various Jewish books and Rabbis of history.

I am especially glad heaven is timeless, as the concept of eternal life scares me. I would hate eternal boredom.
To be honest I'm not sure what will happen, no one can really know. However, I used to be religious (was raised that way) then as time /events happened to me, I changed my views and became an atheist. I'm not sure if we are reborn, or just become worm food, or what. Regardless of what happens, we should all live our life to the fullest :)
Honestly, IMO I think we just sit and rot their in the ground and its basically a long Sleep. well permanant, but i cannot justify what death is like because I've never died.
Good point.. you can never know what death is like maybe we can still think who knows? Maybe we all have spirits that can think or something, no one knows. Thats why I say live every moment to the fullest and when its your time its your time :p
totally Agree, couldn't be too biased on where we go without offending Christianity.
It was always a very good question! I'm not too sure what happens. I believe in heaven in all, but I always wonder what it feels like lol. I guess we will never know. When I think about me not existing, it tends to really make me standout and not be afraid of doing things. Just think about sleeping. You don't really remember anything... Then think about not remembering anything, OR just - not being here, after death. It's really weird. I usually think about it for minutes. Then I get all weird lol.
(01-30-2012, 07:59 AM)Billy Mays Wrote: [ -> ]totally Agree, couldn't be too biased on where we go without offending Christianity.

What do you mean with 'offending Christianity'? Thinking about what would happen when you die shouldn't offend them, they need to accept there are beliefs other than theirs, if they can't do that, they are the one offending people, not us.
after we death.. we will have an another life in underground before we accepted go into heaven or hell..
What happens when we die? We decompose. As simple as that.

As for our souls or spirits, I don't really believe in them because there's not proof that they actually exist. So when we die, we're dead. Lights out. There's nothing beyond. No heaven or hell. We don't become ghosts. We don't reincarnate, either.

That's what I strongly believe in. :)
I doubt there is an afterlife, so probably just wormfood.
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