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Full Version: What do you think happens after death?
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We all go back to what we were before, which is dust. Adam was created that way so in a physical way we are just dust. I believe in heaven but in a very different way than most do and I don't believe in hell. There is no reason for a hell when the devil is here on Earth.
I believe that we either go to Heaven or Hell, based upon whether we've made the decision to accept Jesus Christ as our Savior or not. I don't agree with the above poster, however. I don't want to start a flame war. That's all these kinds of topics usually do.
I believe in life beyond death and eventually in reincarnation when the time to get back to earth into a new body takes place.

People who study past life regressions came to the conclusion that people may reborn after seven years have passed by, but in the "other side" time length has a different measure, thus 150 years for us might be one week or so for a deceased individual.

But back to the moment when people pass away, I believe it's a process to abandon the body and acquire conscientiousness of one's new spiritual plane and begin a process towards reincarnation, process that might last 7 years or hundred of years, that might probably depend on the person's life background.
I believe in an Afterlife and in a Day of Resurrection where we are judged for our deeds and we are put in Heaven or Hell depending on what we did here on Earth.
I respect everyone's opinions though, I don't believe we should hate each other just because of our beliefs.
I also believe that we either go to heaven or hell as soon as we die. Though no one has proven that this really happens, I stay strong in my faith to God and hopefully, after I die, that the heaven would be the place for me.
I believe in reincarnation. My life to me is no different than water being put through a filter again and again becoming cleaner each time.

I'm not afraid of dying, just how I'm going to die, however that will be. I think I don't have a lot of the fears many people do because I don't have this fear of the afterlife.
I don't exactly know, but I am hoping that I will be on the good side of whatever is going to happen. I was watching a documentary on George Harrison of Beatle fame. He was very consumed with being prepared to leave his body, in a very orderly way when he died
He had been attacked and he could have died, and that was not how he wanted to leave his body. He then felt that he had to do more to prepare for his death. He was dying from lung, brain and throat cancer. His wife Olivia said that when he died, the room did not need a light. Everything was lit, by the light coming from his body, as he left it. He had prepared himself well...
Sorry to say this but: I go for became worm food.
Probably, if God thinks you have been faithful in your life, you will go to heaven, and if you haven't he just might send you to hell.
I've been brought up with the idea that If I commit a lot of sins I will go to Hell if not I will go to Heaven.
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