Eternal Sonata - Flair
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Eternal Sonata - Flair
Synopsis - PREVIEW

The Eternal Sonata is an event that changes lives. Every year, people from all over the world gather to see this extraordinary event. A note of pure beauty that is undeniable by any single creature living on the planet rings off precisely at the same time every year. Many magical things happen at this time of year. People receive good luck, heightened senses, become cured of diseases, and more. Meet Tyler, a boy who was granted special powers last year through the Eternal Sonata.

His powers are mutating, and he is unable to control them. His Phoenix mode begins to warp and take over who he is. Once a soft charming young boy who was the envy of all the girls in school, Tyler begins to lose himself to his abilities as they manifest in a way which ultimately leads him on a mission to put an end to humanity.

Follow the fall of Tyler and his quest to regain control of himself and his identity.

Live the life of Gary, determined to become a hero in the crumbling world around him by putting an end to tyranny. The Destiny Realm calls him to put a stop to Tyler and his tyrannical rage through any means necessary.

This is the ultimate story of good vs evil. The world needs a hero. There are no heroes.
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Hm, seems interesting! :)

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