PS Vita's CPU will be made by Samsung
08-04-2011, 01:08 PM,
PS Vita's CPU will be made by Samsung
Quote:Samsung will be the one to manufacture the central processing unit for the PlayStation Vita. This is actually according to the blurb which had appeared at the certain website for electronics industry newspaper, the Semiconductor Industry News. The CPU will be using the newest 45 nanometer manufacturing method. Thus, it will really turn out to be a good idea for a better outcome.

PS Vita is actually due for its international release which will be somewhere prior to the end of 2011. Its present yet popular speculation has the system launching which will be first in Japan. It is where the predecessor and the PSP itself enjoy its continued success.

Samsung is a good company, most especially when it comes to gadgets and appliances. Thus, it will also do a good job for making the ARM chip of the Vita. It will be something new that everyone could not merely imagine.


I was quite surprised to know that Samsung will be the official maker of the upcoming PS Vita. Samsung is a well-established company that are experts in terms of developing new gadgets and appliances so I think that the job is well suited for them. I also think that Sony wouldn't pick someone who is incompetent so I really am putting my high hopes on Samsung.

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