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The past music vs. todays music
06-28-2011, 05:38 PM,
The past music vs. todays music
I was always a guy who listen to all kinds of music and if its good music you just know its good music.

Today there's a lot of music I don't like. I am still in my early 20s and these music just don't work for me. I think I'm either too old school or I know that these music aren't Great as they were.

I listen to music from 2pac to Rascal Flatts. Screemo to hardcore rap. There's just no way I can admit that todays music is anywhere near the past music. Today anyone can sing using auto-tune to change their pitch and Programs to make their music.

I believe the past music is better than today's music just because everything was more natural and simple back then.

What's your opinion?

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