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[old] Gamer here. - GameMaster - 12-30-2010

Hey all,

I'm Sean. I'm here looking for a some good hosting advice. I want to start my own gaming site. Reviews, but also origin content like parodies and commentaries on cut-scenes. Hit me up if you have any tips or suggestions.


RE: Gamer here. - Vanilla - 12-30-2010

Hello GM, welcome to Niftyhost ;)
In case you haven't read them, the rules are listed here.

We hope you enjoy Niftyhost, and stay active within the community ;)

- Vanilla

RE: Gamer here. - 2348z - 12-30-2010

Welcome to Niftyhost!

Talk to mghq, he's our game site owner.

RE: Gamer here. - gfpoow - 02-03-2011

welcome to niftyhost GM
if you want hosted game service you must pay, it's not free
because game service need big resource