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RE: [Please Read]: Providing News - linphy - 06-16-2011

On this forum, we all want to share with others. May be when someone eager to share a news, he will directly copy and paste the news from other place and forget to remove the irrelevant links. We all should pay attention to this.
In recent time, the food safety has become a problem which arise the concern of all the world. From the poinion cucumber to plasticizer, the food industry has developed in a wrong direction. What we can do to solve this problem and what goverments and companys can do to deal with it? it's an public emergency,we all should pay attention to.

RE: [Please Read]: Providing News - linphy - 07-05-2011

i also want to providing new threads for the thread update is so slowly
This world can not seperate with computer and internet. What's your opinion about cloud computing and the internet of things?