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Counter-Strike:Source - Guibibi - 11-03-2010

Anyone play it?I'm pretty good at it,If you play it pm me and we could play together :D

RE: Counter-Strike:Source - dumbmie - 11-08-2010

I don't play CSS but I do play CS 1.6 :D

RE: Counter-Strike:Source - HiddenKnowledge - 11-08-2010

I just can't seem to get it installed, I guess I'm too busy. :/

RE: Counter-Strike:Source - bluejoshdale - 11-12-2010

Ahh. This Game.

This game is classic, but still pretty good.
I used to play this when i was a kid.

Now, I play Battlefield and Halo.

RE: Counter-Strike:Source - Lance - 11-12-2010

I play CS:S! Here's my community page

RE: Counter-Strike:Source - gort - 11-18-2010

I used to play this game almost religiously, really improved my reaction time while I was playing.
But, the infestation of people with aimbots/wallhacks sort of pushed me away from the game as one person ruined the fun of like 10-20 other people.

RE: Counter-Strike:Source - gfpoow - 11-23-2010

My first online game
but not CS Source
CS 1.4 or old version (forgot)
addicting game
may be most gamers play this game

RE: Counter-Strike:Source - Render_07 - 11-23-2010

(11-03-2010, 10:29 PM)Guibibi Wrote: Anyone play it?I'm pretty good at it,If you play it pm me and we could play together :D

I play it as well..But maybe I'm not as good as you, bro...:D
I love MA41 if I play on counter terrorist side, and prefer to use AK47 if I'm on terrorist side..
what an interesting game to play with friends..:D

RE: Counter-Strike:Source - asd5640252 - 05-06-2011

nice game~
i play it well

RE: Counter-Strike:Source - elsonkwok - 05-21-2011

it's a long time that I had not play the CS...