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WII (new) - Soldier - 09-27-2010

Lets talk about the new black wii!

RE: WII (new) - Zach - 09-27-2010

It's black. And it's a Wii. I might do a case transfer with somebody, I like my electronics black.

RE: WII (new) - khy - 09-27-2010

it is a quite good color at all for new buyers but not for existing wii players if they have the previous one, isn't it?

RE: WII (new) - Zach - 09-27-2010

Yeah, it sucks if you already bought a Wii but you like black better then white.

RE: WII (new) - huynhngocduy - 10-03-2010

nice, i like it, and i tried it. relly relly good

RE: WII (new) - leonhitchens - 10-09-2010

I like the white one more just more original and not black

RE: WII (new) - 2348z - 10-14-2010

Just spray paint the white one black. Fixes everything. ;)

RE: WII (new) - HiddenKnowledge - 10-16-2010

Lol, I'm not going to spray my nun-chuk black :P

RE: WII (new) - 2348z - 10-17-2010

Ok, then use duck tape and tape it black.

RE: WII (new) - Zach - 10-17-2010

Duct tape also decreases the chance that you'll accidentally throw it at your TV.