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RE: Free .com? Oh my! - HiddenKnowledge - 09-30-2010

(09-22-2010, 05:42 PM)rakhal Wrote: Why people stopped posting? They got tired? Is there any one who won a domain? Will you give full domain control?

I stopped because I was very busy with other things.

RE: Free .com? Oh my! - William - 10-29-2010

(09-13-2010, 01:27 AM)Zack Wrote: Lifetime, as long as you keep posting.

And thats where you had me at! Sweetness. I'm in. When does this competition have to end?

RE: Free .com? Oh my! - nationalwestminsterplc - 11-02-2010

wow that's good!!!
Please I need free .COM domain. Anyone who can help pm me

RE: Free .com? Oh my! - Render_07 - 11-23-2010

Is this true..?
Wow, I'll try my best to get 200 posts, although maybe it's impossible for now because I just joined in this community and there's so many great members here...:(

RE: Free .com? Oh my! - Zach - 11-23-2010

Well, yeah, it is true. We do give out domains, in fact, we already gave out one through our affiliate system this month. If you can get 200 quality (quality) posts, you can have a domain. There is no rush.

RE: Free .com? Oh my! - Render_07 - 11-23-2010

Nice reward ..., I hope you can give reward like this every mounth or every year :)

That would by nice...

I'll enjoy here...

RE: Free .com? Oh my! - Zach - 11-23-2010

The prize is still up for grabs.

RE: Free .com? Oh my! - Matt - 11-24-2010

Well, in that case I'll keep posting.

RE: Free .com? Oh my! - Zach - 11-24-2010

I thought I already bought you a domain ;o

RE: Free .com? Oh my! - Matt - 11-25-2010

A .com?