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Free .com? Oh my! - Zach - 09-13-2010

If you're like the majority of NiftyHost, you're too poor/young to buy a domain. Well, you're in luck!

These forums need a jump start, and the best way I can see to do that would be to created a little contest where everybody has fun and somebody gets a nice reward.

Its really simple, too. Starting from the date of this post, the first person to make 200 useful or contributive new posts will be awarded a shiny new .com, .net, .org, .me, .eu, .us, or .info of their choice. The second person to reach this lofty goal will receive a consolation prize of one .info domain. So, get to posting!

RE: Free .com? Oh my! - leonhitchens - 09-13-2010

umm do we get the domain for just one year or for the life time of us posting on this site?

RE: Free .com? Oh my! - Zach - 09-13-2010

Lifetime, as long as you keep posting.

RE: Free .com? Oh my! - YTGraphics - 09-13-2010

O_O I need a domain but I can't think of any useful posts atm :P

RE: Free .com? Oh my! - mghq - 09-13-2010

Ok zack, i will get 200 posts for a free domain

RE: Free .com? Oh my! - Zach - 09-13-2010

Well, just make replies to some of the topics around here. Ask questions, figure things out. No hurry.

RE: Free .com? Oh my! - Zach - 09-13-2010

@mghq: Hey. No. Lol. I will buy you a domain outside of the contest later :)

RE: Free .com? Oh my! - Mone - 09-13-2010

oh a contest i see i'll be sure to make 200 useful post

RE: Free .com? Oh my! - HiddenKnowledge - 09-13-2010

Cool, though I think 200 might be a little bit too low.

RE: Free .com? Oh my! - Matt - 09-13-2010

I already have 300 and something, lol. Now I have to make 200 more? Wow!