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Corrupt-a-wish - Zach - 03-15-2010

This game is a classic. If you haven't ever played it, you must be new to forums with relaxed rules.

Here's how it goes. I'd post a wish and the next poster would say "Granted, but..." and go on to ruin my dreams. Then they'd make a wish and the cycle would start over. Example:

Quote:joe: I wish I had a thousand small mosquito-shaped babies.
bob: Granted, but the babies are all mutants and they rise up to kill you in your sleep. I wish I had a motorboat that could go 5000 miles per hour.
joe: Granted, but while you're speeding a sonic boom occurs and it kills your entire family and leaves you an ugly ugly man in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. I wish...

I wish I had three bags of Skittles in front of me.

RE: Corrupt-a-wish - JoshWebDesign - 03-16-2010

(03-15-2010, 03:04 AM)Zack Wrote: I wish I had three bags of Skittles in front of me.

Granted, but they all squired out colors and went all over you and your room, including your homework.
I wish I had a million dollars.

RE: Corrupt-a-wish - HiddenKnowledge - 03-17-2010

Granted, but an awful inflation occurs and you get arrested for making fake money. I wish i had magic powers.

RE: Corrupt-a-wish - Zach - 03-17-2010

Granted, but they can only be used to hurt yourself.

I wish people were less stupid.

RE: Corrupt-a-wish - JoshWebDesign - 03-17-2010

Granted, but they become really smart and make you their slaves.

I wish my internet stopped dropped out all the time.

RE: Corrupt-a-wish - HiddenKnowledge - 03-18-2010

Granted, but all other computers and servers explode (except yours). I wish JoshWebDesign had a cool avatar.

RE: Corrupt-a-wish - Zach - 03-18-2010

Granted, but it turns out to be stolen from a website and looks vaguely stupid.

I wish Apple wasn't made out of douchefags.

RE: Corrupt-a-wish - HiddenKnowledge - 04-12-2010

Granted, but you become a douchefag yourself.
I wish for an active forum on niftyhost.

RE: Corrupt-a-wish - Zach - 04-13-2010

Granted, if by active you mean spammy.

I wish people would take notice of the IRC.

RE: Corrupt-a-wish - HiddenKnowledge - 04-13-2010

Granted, but then the irc server gets flooded by users and valentin goes on vacation for 999 years and you lose your founder status to a hacker and your mobile phone explodes because it can't handle the flood and you start eating rotten noodles.

I wish for noodles. (Just perfectly normal noodles.)