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Man Died - darkinitial - 07-09-2010

Did anybody hear about this dude who killed himself because Brazil lost in the world cup

RE: Man Died - Zach - 07-10-2010

That's sad. It just shows how crazy people are aout this relatively insignificant event. Maybe he had staked his life savings on them winning?

RE: Man Died - Cameron - 07-10-2010

Wow.....must have been one massive soccer fan.

RE: Man Died - Matt - 07-10-2010

I know, it's crazy. World Cup is like... Not that so interesting. It's not the end if your team loses... There's dozens of other soccer competitions.

RE: Man Died - khy - 07-10-2010

what's happening?
Does anyone have a more detailed information?
I'm confused

RE: Man Died - ThePro - 07-11-2010

^ That's the news story

RE: Man Died - KSubedi - 07-13-2010

i dont know how much crazy can people go about football...........killing himself just cuz the team lost........stupid..........

RE: Man Died - Vanilla - 07-13-2010

The reason might also be, that he had spent all his money betting on Brazil to win the World Cup, and then ended up broke, somehow.
Just a guess tho'.

RE: Man Died - BloxyWorld - 07-17-2010

People are crazy over it.

RE: Man Died - DarkI - 07-27-2010

Yea i think he killed him self because he put his whole life savings into it>