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Google's "Accurate" Algorithm - MyDigitalpoint - 08-21-2011

At this time of the day, I'm eating while browsing the web so having chicken in my dish, don't expect that I can type accurately with sticky fingers, so here you go with a "great" discovery I just made.

Since my homepage in all my browsers is about:blank and I don't like to type a search directly on the browser's address bar because it takes me to Google geo-targeted instead of, I type the full search engine address... almost, almost.

In fact the sticky fingers typed this: giigke,cin

What does that name means? Nothing but a wrong positioned fingers while typing, however Google returned 3,650 results for such term, among which are dictionary and encyclopedia definitions.... supposedly.

Naturally, following any link leads you to nothing, and the lesson to learn is while honest webmasters make an extra effort to comply with Google's rule in order to get indexed and boost their page rankings, since a while back the top results are hoarded by unscrupulous websites that manipulate search results, just like those 3,650 sites pretending to have the answer for giigke,cin

So where is the acclaimed algorithm that supposedly is smart enought to get rid of junk in search results?

RE: Google's "Accurate" Algorithm - RichardGv - 08-21-2011

  • Among the 10 search results, 4 dictionaries/references actually point to the correct word "Google".
  • You asked for "giigke,cin", and you got some info about "giigke,cin" from Google. You got what you asked for. What is wrong with that?
  • Essentially you are asking Google to do something:
    • That it need not to do. What is the problem when Google returns some weird results for "giigke,cin"? Almost every sane user will ignore the search results when he finds out he typed the wrong words, and correct the search term immediately. Not to mention we don't actually type with sticky fingers everyday. So where your site stays on the search results of "giigke,cin" almost have no effect to the traffic of it. Why do Google employees have to take time optimizing the results of "giigke,cin" instead of focusing on something more important?
    • That it should not do. To keep freedom of speech, I believe, Google does not and have no right to remove any page from its search results, even though they are as content farms or senseless contents, unless there's meeting a legal or copyright issue or the page is proven malicious. Google could only change the rank of a particular page in its search results.
    • That it is not responsible to do. Yes, Google claimed they have an algorithm that could identify whether a website provides valuable information in some degree, but when have they claimed it could do it perfectly? When would any a single company in the world dare to do it?
    • That it cannot do.
      Well, where have you got the idea that algorithms can now 100% understand what you have typed with sticky fingers? Computers are computers. If you have used Hunspell/Aspell for spelling suggestions, you should be able to understand that Google is already doing a much better job in guessing what your words mean.
      And it's way beyond Google, or the intelligence of whole mankind within at least 2,000 years to be able to filter out all senseless contents with an algorithm of infinite wisdom -- it must smarter than its designers, since all the senseless contents are produced by humans, too, directly or indirectly. If it's possible, you won't see moderators on NiftyHost forums but moderating robots.
  • And I could easily write "Bing's "Accurate" Algorithm" or "Yahoo's "Accurate" Algorithm". Their algorithms are equally bad. Why bashing Google only?
  • Nah, I'm a crazy Google fan. :D
  • By the way, to get rid of a localized search, please visit this page once and forever you will be left in (until you eat your cookies). :)

RE: Google's "Accurate" Algorithm - MyDigitalpoint - 08-22-2011

Great explanation! This really make sense to me despite I realized you are a Google frantic-fan ;)

Naturally this went to Google because Bing and Yahoo are way too much far from returning the results I expect and certainly one thing I truly appreciate from Google is its capability to predict (and most time correct) the right terms you might be trying to find.

On a side note, thanks a bunch for the link to stay in :D

You can't imagine how much I pull off my hair everyday trying to get rid of localized search, you have really made my day today :)

RE: Google's "Accurate" Algorithm - ErrorCode - 08-26-2011

All search engines are bound to have some degree of junk in them; google more than others, being that it's the largest and most widely used engine. This is still kinda interesting, though.

RE: Google's "Accurate" Algorithm - Zach - 10-15-2011

Funny story: I was just looking at our analytics, and apparently, somebody reached this page by typing "giigke,cin" into Google by accident. I thought that was pretty funny. We're like the sixth result.

RE: Google's "Accurate" Algorithm - MyDigitalpoint - 10-17-2011

Hahaha, see now? Google indexes whatever thing your feed it with, and typos like that of mine are not of my sole bad typing day that time.

Now what would be interesting to see is how Nifty Host rank number one for the keyword giigke,cin, LOLZ

RE: Google's "Accurate" Algorithm - Zach - 10-17-2011

Well, I blame typo correction. If you look at the top two sites for giigke,cin, you'll see that they actually have pages named that. It's not Google's fault if sites feed it false information.

RE: Google's "Accurate" Algorithm - MyDigitalpoint - 10-18-2011

Yeah, I realized it now and it's incredible to see how people can use such kind of garbage terms just to get listed on top one way or another.

Certainly Google can't control this and the number of websites online, millions and millions, make impossible a human clean up of such listings.