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Do you believe in aliens? - clauemi - 08-03-2011

There's a lot of video and pictures out there of alien proof but there's still a lot of doubt. Why is it that any time a UFO is caught on tape it's always far away and blury? Then there's the Roswell incident, those pictures are very creepy and they look real. Also the theory that JFK was murdered because he knew of the existence of aliens. Does anyone here believe in aliens?

Oh I forgot the crop circles. Lots of crop circles have showed up and if it's not aliens then who? I don't think that anything human made could make these with such precision and fast time.

RE: Do you believe in aliens? - gamingmaster42 - 08-05-2011

I don't believe in the actual term "aliens" but I do think that there is intelligent non-human life that exists out somewhere. I think it's ridiculous that we think otherwise. We all know how expansive the universe is.

RE: Do you believe in aliens? - RichardGv - 08-05-2011

Since the universe is almost infinite large, the possibility of the existence of another kind of intelligent creature is close to 100%. (Have you heard of Infinite monkey theorem?) However, with our terribly limited knowledge about the world, there's little chance that most of our guesses about aliens are true at all. I believe guessing about the form and behaviors or whether it has visited earth is quite pointless.

As for the crop circles... Hmm, many of them has been proved made by artists or random people. And just like the situation in the Medieval Age, when they used God to explain everything they don't understand, should we now use aliens to explain everything we don't understand yet?

RE: Do you believe in aliens? - OmarFW - 08-05-2011

It would be extremely arrogant of humans to try and claim that no life exists where they have never been.

RE: Do you believe in aliens? - Cecil15 - 08-06-2011

Well, I don't really know where to believe in when it comes to the issue but I too have seen a lot of unexplainable proofs that these creatures exists. I've seen videos wherein there were UFO's which looked real. And is there as round spaceships here on Earth? I don't think so.

RE: Do you believe in aliens? - OmarFW - 08-07-2011

There have been far too many people associated with NASA and the government come out and say that we have made contact with other lifeforms already. This isn't exactly proof but I doubt people like that would lie about that kind of thing just to generate hype.

I think the government just covers up the existence of other lifeforms visiting us because it sort of defies the self-centered mindset many religions have. The bible for example only talks about humans and how god made us and the earth, but it never mentions anything about other species on other planets. Most people wouldn't take kindly to the existence of aliens if the government was open with us about it and it would cause a lot of chaos.

RE: Do you believe in aliens? - MyDigitalpoint - 08-10-2011

I do believe there must be other civilization somewhere out there in the universe but I do agree governments will keep the information undercover.

However, what I don't longer believe at all is in the evidence that people upload to sites like YouTube because while there are many serious witnesses, it's hard keep it up with all the other fake junk, same thing happening when it comes to accept YouTube's "paranormal evidence."

RE: Do you believe in aliens? - teamtech - 09-15-2011

There was once this theory that believed Gods and Jesus and etc who were foretold in bibles and etc. were actually aliens sent down ,disguised as humans, to further advance the human societ.

RE: Do you believe in aliens? - artistry - 10-20-2011

Outer space is so vast, it's just hard to imagine, that there would not be others out there, who are as intelligent or much more intelligent than we earthlings. I was thinking before I started to answer this question, whether there was any reference to other beings in the Bible. I cannot think of anything that mentions other beings. But that does not mean that there are not living others. I have no idea if there are or what they would look like, hopefully not green with big eyes. Perhaps, if there are others out there, contact will be made eventually and we will have a broader knowledge of who they are and where they come from.

RE: Do you believe in aliens? - idbloggermail - 02-17-2012

I dont believe an Aliens.. But if trying to believe a ghost, I'll believe it so much.. Because i ever meet them..