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Full Version: Is any one excited for Ubuntu 10.10?
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Is any one excited for the new version of UBUNTU 10.10 to come out??

I am :)

the new version will be released on sunday (10/10/10)
Huh, actually this version does not seem containing many impressive improvements. As shown in Maverick Meerkat Technical Overview, except software updates, there's only one interesting internal improvement: btrfs support during installation. However, btrfs has not even reached the performance of ext4.
Another interesting thing is the "Ubuntu font". However, it's usable without Ubuntu 10.10.
I have been running the beta and the alphas for a long time, and the whole set up changes a lot with backend. The other changes are minor changes with things users have been asking for. I am pumped because that was my birth day too:)
I ordered the CD 2 days ago, can't wait to enjoy the good stuff!
i use linux for long... ubuntu 10.10 is really good for work...
ubuntu is good for home user
(05-27-2011, 12:59 AM)jahiy Wrote: [ -> ]ubuntu is good for home user

It's great for servers too. :)