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Full Version: [Humor] Noodles are the best
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Don't you agree, noodles are the best?
Oh, hell yeah. Noodles are simply amazing :)
lol the most amazing video ever!
strongly agree. especially noodles is loved by the lazy-humans
I love Noodles, well like it, my sister loves it :D
Noodles are good. Unless your smacked with a wet one...
Cannelloni are the best :D
lol the most amazing video ever!
Noodle is a very convenient and delicious food. Different country have different cooking methods, which creat different noodles. So, enjoy yourself.
Nice rap, is this a soundtrack from a game in PS2?

Anyways, I love noodles as well. I prefer chicken and beef flavored variants. I don't get to eat the fresh one most of the time so I just cook the instant version in pouch.
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