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Full Version: Free .com? Oh my!
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If you're like the majority of NiftyHost, you're too poor/young to buy a domain. Well, you're in luck!

These forums need a jump start, and the best way I can see to do that would be to created a little contest where everybody has fun and somebody gets a nice reward.

Its really simple, too. Starting from the date of this post, the first person to make 200 useful or contributive new posts will be awarded a shiny new .com, .net, .org, .me, .eu, .us, or .info of their choice. The second person to reach this lofty goal will receive a consolation prize of one .info domain. So, get to posting!
umm do we get the domain for just one year or for the life time of us posting on this site?
Lifetime, as long as you keep posting.
O_O I need a domain but I can't think of any useful posts atm :P
Ok zack, i will get 200 posts for a free domain
Well, just make replies to some of the topics around here. Ask questions, figure things out. No hurry.
@mghq: Hey. No. Lol. I will buy you a domain outside of the contest later :)
oh a contest i see i'll be sure to make 200 useful post
Cool, though I think 200 might be a little bit too low.
I already have 300 and something, lol. Now I have to make 200 more? Wow!
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