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Full Version: New TLD round-up
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A few TLDs are in he works for the domain name system.

.free - "the first" (, anybody?) free TLD initiative. some high profile domains will cost, though.

.so - country code TLD for Somalia, will be available for general use

.xxx - possibly the world's most controversial TLD? it is coming back for another round this year.

What do ya'll think? .so's are going to be $10 a year apparently, which ends the long reign of stupidly expensive ccTLDs.

I thought of two vanity domains:
sounds good
but 10 is too expensive for me
Not everything can be handed on a silver platter, and $10 is doing just that.
Yeah, most ccTLDs are in the $20 to $50 range, with $150 being the upper limit for .cm. $10 for a .so is awesome. .coms cost $9.95. (:P)

I plan on getting and selling it to Starbucks for $1,000,000.
Definitely a good idea ^

Well, .free doesn't seem very professional, that's my opinion. :P But mind you, something like might be interesting.
.free sounds bad. HELL NAH.
Yeah, but the registry will probably have an API to make it not so useless.
yeah, i guess
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