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Full Version: Mcafee vs Norton Antivirus
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Which Anti-virus do you think is best to protect from computer threats.
Norton is cloggy. McAfee bricks your Windows install. Choose your poison.
Hehe, yeah I heard about the McAffee one.

I don't like either one. Basically for the reasons Zack said; they're gigantic and slow down your computer big time. When my computer was working, I used no antivirus; because I didn't need it. Obviously, if you want the safety net, antivirus would be great, but for sure, don't use McAfee or Norton. Use something smaller like AVG Free.
ya i hate norton its TOO big and makes a computer lag so if i were to chose another one it would be kaspersky very good award winning and trusted
Not a fan of Kaspersky either.
Norton was once the greatest player in the internet security market...since then it has only gone downhill. McAfee IMO is also a lousy anti-virus solution. Both are big and messy. Personally, I prefer BitDefender or Bullguard. None have dissapointed me yet. If you have to go free, I would go with AVG Free or Avast Home. I think Avast's new version is nice! :]
Mmm yeah I remember when Norton was so simple.
ya me too now its not good for already slow computers it just makes it worse dont believe the box for it made simple or whatever
Microsoft Security Essentials (Free) > All
I'd suspect so, since it's integrated with the operating system unlike most others.
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