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Full Version: [old] PSPMAN is back guys!
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Hey guys, I haven't been here for over a year reason is I thought I'd try something new, so I began to try video editing and thought it was pretty cool. But then Noticed the fact that I can design better by myself, over the time I learned CSS all over again, was very happy with CSS3 now we get rid of the transitional header codes! I havent tryed anything yet, but maybe when I sign up for hosting here again on the best Web Host I might make something happen.

Anyways guys I just wanna say thanks for reading my boring intro, cya!
Hi pspman! It's fairly quiet 'round these parts. Welcome back.
Thanks bro, hey can you delete my hosting, or help me get it back, I forgot all info.

Welcome back pspman.

You both confused me with the same avatars first :S .
Hello, PSPMan! - It has been a fair while.
- Welcome, back ;)
Thanks for the warm welcome guys, Serial-Thriller was it recent you became an Admin, or are you mghq, where is that guy ?
I'm not an administrator :S .

I'm a admin on
(03-16-2012, 08:52 AM)pspman Wrote: [ -> ]...or are you mghq, where is that guy ?

If I recall correctly, mghq ended up leaving for some...reason:
Vanilla we don't have access to this topics.
(03-18-2012, 07:59 PM)Serial Thrilla Wrote: [ -> ]Vanilla we don't have access to this topics.
Oh, sorry - Didn't notice they were within the staff section. Nevermind, - mghq decided to leave after some disagreements.
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