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Full Version: What's are your favorite Android applications?
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Hey NiftyHost Community,

this dedicated to everyone who has a Android cell phone or tablet.

So what are you favorite applications?

Mine are:

1. Dolphin Browser Mini
2. History Ereaser
3. Timesync
4. Root Explorer
5. Android Task Killer
6. Android music player :)

1. History Eraser
2. Color Note
3. QR Droid Private by DroidLa
4. CamScanner
5. Solitaire by Ken Magic
6. Origami Flowers by Adam Schmelzle
7. Imo Instant Messager by
8. I Can't Wake Up by Kog Creations
9. StopWatch & Timer by
10. Lookout Mobile Security
11. Google Voice

I'm not a Droid
Here's my top 5 Android applications: (In no particular order)

1) Stock Web Browser - We all know what this is, it's a web browser. I've tried various other web browsers such as Google Chrome, Dolphin Browser and Opera, but I find that there's always a problem. With the stock browser, pages are displayed correctly, scrolling is smooth and everything just works.

2) Rom Manager - As my phone is rooted, ROM manager is very useful for me. It allows me to download new ROMs, update old versions of ROMs, boot into recovery with a single click, fix permissions and many more features. If you are a root user, you definitely need ROM manager!.

3) Titanium Backup - This is another app which any root user NEEDS. Normally, when you flash a new ROM, you lose all your apps. Titanium Backup, backs up all your apps so once you've flashed your new ROM, there's no need to download all your apps again, just click restore and wait!

4) Pulse - Pulse is a news application. I use this app to get all my tech news as you can choose from hundreds of sources. The layout is really nice and you can read news articles offline too, which is a bonus. If you like to keep up to date with what's going on, you could do with this app on your phone!

5) Tune In Radio - You probably guessed what this is, TIR is a radio which allows you to listen to internet radio. Not only is it free, there are hundreds of channels to choose from, no matter what type of music you like, you'll always find a good radio station with this app! If you're a music addict like me, you're going to want to download this app!