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Full Version: [old] Well hey there!
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Hello everyone!

I'm jabbz, I believe a few of you know me from around the web. For those of you who don't, I'm here to introduce myself!

Well, first off, my life is music. I'm all about music. I play nine instruments at varying levels, and I've written my fair share of songs. I've gotten three college level music classes under my belt, so I feel like a know a bit.

Next, how any of you would know me, I also am a bit of a computer nerd. I hang around PSP sites and, for a while, was an administrator/founder of a PSP site of my own (with a few others - I was by no mean the original creator of the site). And now, I'm here to create my own website and have a good time.

There ya go, me in a snapshot I guess.
Hii Jabbz read the rules and enjoy your stay!
PSP sounds more like a gamer than a computer nerd...
hey welcome to the site hope you enjoy your stay here!
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