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Full Version: [old] Hello World!
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Hello world!

Haha as you can already tell, I'm a coder. My name is Brandon, I'm 16 and I've been doing web development for over a year. I'm quite good at it (you could say I'm a pro, or almost one). I know html, css, and some other languages but just barely. I really want to learn client-side programming (javascript) and server-side programming (php, sql) but I guess I'm just lazy :P

I've done projects in the past and I keep trying new things. I want to start a new website soon and I hope I could learn how NiftyHost works so I can get started :D

I know a few peeps around here, what's up everybody? :D
You mean you're good at designing websites right?
Anyway. Welcome at Niftyhost and I hope you'll have a great time here. :)
Be sure to read the rules and the terms of service, though :)
Well they're basically the same thing. I'm not so sure about their definitions.. To develop is to make and to design would be to make something prettier? So I guess I'm both. Whatever the case may be, I'm good at designing a website that works right :D

I'll make sure that I'll read it :D
RaisenBran whats up?