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Full Version: [old] Oh, me again?
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Yep that's right, me.. You might not know me, but I have been here before.

Its been awhile, the server I have been on in the past year or so finally died, and I wanted to find somewhere with free hosing, and the first place that came into mind was you guys!
Love what has happened to the main site, and that Niftyhost is still going, now that's awesome.

Edit: I found my old introduction post, haha here I will probably stick around longer than I did then, also, I sounded so childish back then.
Welcome back, Barn! :) It will be good to see some more activity.
Haha, thanks.
Its funny when I'm browsing the forums, i'll see a topic i remember then be like, "hey, i remember posting in that a year ago".