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Full Version: Do you ever believe in ghosts?
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Well, I am a science believer and I don't believe that ghosts do exist. I think all of those sightings were merely mind's imagination. And that only humans created the image of supernatural creatures.

But how bout everybody? Do you agree with me or not? Why?
Well my answer depends on what you call "ghosts."

Most people refer to the spirit of persons who have passed away to as "Ghosts" but they are really spiritual beings, intangible substance that has not a scientific explanation but animates our body when we are alive.

When we pass away, that energy has to go somewhere, remember the law of conservation of energy; "energy can neither be created nor be destroyed: it can only be transformed from one state to another."

So spiritual beings exist, but in another plane that we can't perceive living in 3D

Ghost are more likely spooks that come from folklore and include demons and other disembodied entities, but matter their existence is truly matter of discussion.
I highly doubt ghosts, AKA those little spooky white things, actually exist.
I also doubt the existence of "haunted houses" and the like. I doubt pretty much 90% of all superstition.
Well I am pertaining to supernatural creatures like vampires, witches, monsters and the like. As a child in a urbanized environment, we were always scared by the oldies as to how these creatures will attack us and that they have seen such and proved that they really exists. There are even provinces here in the country wherein it was said that ghosts and monsters exclusively reside.

Well, I guess the oldies really were responsible for scaring us out of this ghosts/monsters. I personally think that this is just superstition and merely fictional.
Yeah, we all have heard those folk tales related to supernatural creatures or ghosts like the headless horseman, which I have found to be associated to different places not just in my country but around the world.

How someone who was a common human being can be later omnipresent everywhere?

On the other hand, some creatures, like vampires, do exist, but not in the context that horror stories depict. It's said there is a disease that make some people need to drink blood, very rare disease but a great thing for the people imaginary.
I believe Ghost are there. If you go searching you'll find it. If you ignore than it should be ok... Iono bout vampires and stuff though. Sounds to crazzzy
...I live in a house that is over 100 years old, I have not seen them and hope I never do, but people who have been in the house, have said that they have seen two ghosts. I have lived here for at least ten years and have not been bothered by them. As far as believing in them. I believe that
there are spirits that exist. I don't know that I would call them ghosts, maybe apparitions.
Your experience living in that house brought to my mind an interesting fact; while some people have seen apparitions in houses or haunted places, the fact is that not all the people can see them.

Is this a proof to say spirits don't exist? No, this is the proof to say that some people have their sensibility more developed than others, or how some researchers say, they have developed the power of their subconscious mind, what makes them aware of such manifestations.

Most of us have not time to develop anything else than making a living, and the many problems in our mind seems to close the door to that perception others enjoy.
I don't really know. I've had experiences that have freaked me the hell out, but I have no explanation for them. So maybe there is ghosts, just not as they are portrayed in movies.

And I think that most ghost sightings are hallucinations. If someone thinks about something SO much, maybe their mind actually 'displays' it.

Interesting thread!