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Full Version: Norway Shooting
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Some man just walks into a youth camp and kills ppl. how in the world would someone think that this shooting that killed 93 ppl is apart of religion?
And the worst thing is that such man does not regret and doesn't care what he did.

Is that man insane? I truly doubt it and I hope such argument will not be taken into consideration to make justice.

Like the news say, this shooting was similar in social impact to the event occured in Oklahoma in the 1990s, but this jerk is blindly fanatical.

I heard some gaming stores in Norway removed all war games from their selections because of this incident. Do people still think that violent games cause some persons to turn into murdering lunatics?

Maybe the shooter was/is insane, but of course he could be so brainwashed by his ideology that he just thinks his "job" was justified.
It's kind of sick that he will be released of jail some day. I think the maximum sentence in Norway was just 21 years which is nothing.
Norwegians are too nice to this guy. I hope he gets raped hard in prison.