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Full Version: Java Vs C#
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Which do you prefer the ASP.NET frame work monster C# or the very independent Java?
I prefer Java because I can use it anywhere I want and, well.. Because Microsoft didn't make it.
I also like it because Android uses it, even though they use a different VM.
So you use it just becuase MS did;nt make it lol. I am a MS fan and since i plan to work there we all have to know the .NET framework. But I use Java for simple BB apps and stuff like that but if am gonna do some hard core programming i go to my wife C++.
I hate .NET Framework Jittery stuff, I like Java, mainly because you can make the online games with it, but you can with C++, I dont know about C Sharp.
Well Java and C# can do the same thing really.
I dislike NET Framework but Java consumes too much system resources and it's slow to start up.

Certainly C# is realy a better option and faster.

On the other hand, it's truly annoying find applications that requries the NET Framework when you are accesing to them from a public computer or the one of a friend without .NET and without any chance to install it.
Neither are my personal favorites but since those are the only options, I choose Java. It's a better language and as HiddenKnowledge said, since Microsoft didn't make, it can be used with everything: Mac, Linux, Windows, all run Java a lot smoother than C#. However, C# does have the advantage of being faster.
I hate Java eats up too much system resources and sometimes making slow the startup of any applications, but it's truly annoying download applications that require ASP.NET when you are not in your computer and downloading the well-so-called monster may take an hour or so if you are suddenly in a machine that has not any version installed.

It will not let you install the latest version if there is not a previous one first, what a headache!
Well, seemingly both have their cons and pros. C# just have too many dependencies (.Net), and Java is a downright behemoth to start up (resource wise).
Even though it's hard to setup and debug properly, C# can be used on Linux and Mac through Mono.

But syntax wise, I tend to prefer C#. But that's just a personal taste.

I don't quite get the biased hate towards Microsoft, as Oracle really isn't much better. Generally, companies reaching the size of those have too much going on, to please everyone.
Since Java is in the market much longer than C#, users tend to accept Java more than C#

Using C# makes life much easier, however, it comes with the issue on .NET Framework, which is not pre-loaded on XP Systems and below. Furthermore, C# compiled with a most recent version of .NET Framework will not work on systems with .NET Framework that has a lower version.
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