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Full Version: [MyBB] Simple Group Legend v2
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Lets create a simple group legend without using any plugin for MyBB.

Step one: Login into your Administration Area of MyBB.
Step two: Go to "Templates & Style".
Step three: Next open "Templates" in the left menu.
Step four: Choose the templates of the theme you use.
Step five: Click on "Index Page Templates" and then on "index_whosonline" template.
Step six: Add the following code at the end:

PHP Code:
td class="trow1"><span class="smalltext"><left><span style="color:red"><b>Administrator</b></span> - <span style="color:gold"><b>Super Moderator</b></span> - <font color="lawngreen"><b>Moderators</b></font> - <font color="dodgerblue"><b>Developers</b></font> - <font color="purple"><b>GFX Team</b></font> - <font color="blue">Registered Members</font> - <font color="black"><s>Banned</s></font></span></td>

Step seven: Adjust the code how you need (e.g change the colours and add styles like and others.
Step eight: Save and look at the result.

[Image: unbenanntcja.png]
thank you for share
I will post a update soon!
Sorry for double post.

I added the second version to the post, it fits more for today standards.