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Full Version: We're back! Offering free hosting again...
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That's right, we're back! Over the past few weeks, we have been working on the website and lining up server providers so that we can once again provide you with the best free web hosting in the world.
One big change in our web hosting is the plans. Before, we offered three distinct post to host plans. Now, we have two plans - one free, and one post to host. Each plan is hosted on a separate hosting server, so you are ensured the maximum speed and uptime from your website. You can check them out at the features page for more information.
We've relaunched our affiliate system, too, so you can once again collect great prizes in exchange for sending people our way.
The main website has a new feature called "emergency support". If you have an urgent issue with your site, you can page all staff members from one easy-to-use form. We hope this new feature will let clients get prompt support with any issues they may have.
So what are you waiting for? Go and sign up to host your site with one of the best free web hosts out there!
Awesome :D
(From my wii, sorry)
Great job! :)
Fantastic! :)
the best cp hosting is coming back...good to hear
Thanks! I hope to see all of you around on the forums some more.
Sweet your back, I guess it's time to move my site back here!
(: We would be glad to host you.
:) im so happy you guys reopened
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